Anarchy has become the norm.

In my Brain then on to Paper

I’ve been wondering why things seem so chaotic in my life, if it’s not my love life, it’s my family, if it’s not my family, it’s work, and lets face it sometimes it’s all three.  If nothing else it’s taught me to deal with stressful situations whether I do it in a healthy way or not usually determines how I change from it.  

The two best ways I’ve learned to deal with stress are either exercise, or to work creatively (drawing, painting, singing, playing guitar).  It fuels my creativity, and I’ve found myself shaking things up in my life just to get the creative juices flowing again.  

Maybe not the most stable thing to do but stability is overrated, I have always romanticized the idea of  anarchy, and now I find looking back on my life anarchy is my stability.


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