I love the versatility of photoshop

Fashion Illustration

Spiral hat

Rebuilding my portfolio is turning out to be a very rewarding experience.  I’m free to create and explore new media and push myself creatively.

This was originally a loose ink drawing, I brought it into photoshop  and created the degraded rust effect.  I tried a few other versions of this same drawing but so far I like the feel of this one the most.

As a side note I’m also designing some cute buttons, you can check them out at this new site:



2 thoughts on “I love the versatility of photoshop

  1. Amanda,

    I found you while browsing the Lollypins website… (I love your little red robot pin) I just LOVE this drawing though, the rust effect you got in PS is fabulous. It speaks to me… would really like to see what the original looked like before you added the effects…

    Great stuff, keep creating!

    -Rocco, in Boston USA

    1. Thanks rocco Antonelli, I’m glad you like it!
      The original was just a simple ink drawing, but PS really does do all the magic to make it special.

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