An experiment in 3D.

Experimental, Work in Progress

I’ve been enthralled by some pretty amazing animation and the cute and creepy quality of dolls.  All the the work I’ve been doing lately has revolved around little girls and dolls.  When I was younger some of my favorite toys were my dolls and my legos, I used to love building little houses and sets for them to live in.  What I always wanted was a little doll that looked just like me, and I guess this is pretty common for most girls.  It wasn’t very common to find dolls with wavy black hair and a lighter brown skin tone, so despite my many dozens of dolls there was no Amanda doll.

Now it is twenty five years later and I still want a little me, so yesterday I decided to get my self out of the drawing rut that I’ve been in for the past few weeks and make a little sculpture.  I found some black fimo that I had from an old jewelry project and set out to recreate the little girls I draw in three dimensions.


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