Making a Portfolio site

Experimental, Resources, Work in Progress

When I was first toying with the idea of making my own portfolio site I thought the process would be fairly strait forward.  I learned the basics of html and built myself something ugly and complicated, it didn’t last long and luckily not many people saw it.  Some time went by and eventually I discovered wordpress, and as far as my blog goes it has been fairly successful.  Having this as my portfolio was not acceptable it is messy and has just about everything that pops into my head on it, not the best impression for publishers.

So I went about creating a site separate from my blog, it would be the professional face that I would show to publishers, art directors, or anyone else that wanted to see the best of my illustration.  I first tried to built a site with with the help of my computer savvy friend Matt at Journeymen IT , he helped me with the initial setup and showed me all the basics.  I searched for themes I could customize to meet my needs, but I was never very happy with the results.

It was nearly a month of tweaking when I stumbled on a program I had on my computer, this is my first mac so I’m learning new things about it all the time.  I found iweb and fell in love with how quickly and easily it was for me to put together my site just the way I wanted it.  I don’t know how good the coding is for it, but it looks great!

So I’ve spent this week working on it and I hope to have it launch next week, I’m very excited and I hope it works out as well as I’ve planned.


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