Life is part of the process

On my Desk, Work in Progress

Originally I was only going to post about art and illustration related things, but I’ve so many things happen in the last few months that I just haven’t had that much time for my illustration.  

On May first my boyfriend asked me to marry him and I said Yes!  Now because of some other huge life changing events in our lives we decide to get married sooner rather than later.  (no, i’m not pregnant, if you are wondering)

So we set the date for August 28th 2010, which is now in a couple of weeks.  The last couple of months have gone by so quickly and there are so many things left to do, and the closer I get to the wedding date the more worried and stressed out I feel.  My fiance is helping me a little with some of the things on my to-do list but for the most part I’m doing it all myself.  I made the invitations and mailed them out, I’ve gathered all of the necessary marriage paperwork, I’ve done all the reception research, organizing and planning so that our friends and family will have a nice time celebration with us, and I’m even making all of the decorations.

The thing that I’m having the most trouble with is with my own appearance.  I’m now on my third potential wedding dress and I’m still not happy with the way I look.  I just wanted a simple dress that was not a wedding dress that I could wear again, I didn’t like the idea of spending a ton of money on a dress I would only wear once.  So  I found an adorable little white dress with a cute tulip style short skirt, but my best friend thought it would not be an acceptable wedding dress so we went shopping for something else.  We shopped and I was disappointed, there was nothing that we could both agree on.

I did continue my search later that week on my own and I was more successful, I found a sweet white summer dress that had a longer tea length skirt.  It was a little loose around the waist and chest but it looked easy enough to get taken in a little.  I took it to a drycleaners that also did alterations and the woman there had me try on the dress and pinned where it would get taken in.  The next week after I picked up the dress and tried it on I realized it had been taken in too much.  The dress was so tight I couldn’t zip it up, and when I turned it inside out to see what they had done I also saw how bad of a job they had really done on it.

I was so upset about this dress that I didn’t want to take it back for them to fix, I didn’t want to wear this dress at all, it had been tainted with negativity.  I was going to just go back to wearing the first dress but the style of it didn’t really match with the accessories I wanted to wear.  We were going to go shopping again to try to find me something acceptable to wear, but I decided today to try to transform a dress I already have into my wedding dress.  The dress is a really pretty silk but the problem was that it was pink, I picked up some dye remover from a fabric store and made it in to an ivory dress.

I was really excited about the transformation and I’m hoping I’ll be able to wear this.  I don’t care if I look like a bride or not, I just want to look like a beautiful version of me for a day.  


2 thoughts on “Life is part of the process

  1. I totally vote for “look pretty” and don’t worry so much about looking like a “bride”. You will be more relaxed. Plus you can always layer lots of cool bride-like jewelry on!

    1. Thanks Tera,
      The accessories are getting a little extravagant a dear friend of mine made me a bird cage veil on a beautiful head piece. I love it, and the vintage/antique jewelry I’m wearing should look good.

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