The Baby, Books and Drawing (in that order)

Acrylic painting, Life, The Child, Vector Drawing, Work in Progress

The little man takes up most of my time, he is so much fun and I want to experience the discoveries he has each day.

When I’m taking a break from being a Mom I like to curl up with a good book.  Since my husband got me an e-reader it has been way to easy to get a new book every time I finish one so I’ve been reading whole series back-to-back-to-back…  The Game of Thrones is a very engrossing read by the way.

So with all of this discovery and reading I’ve spent very little time on my illustrations and all week I’ve been having the itch to make something.  Today I finally decided I would get a little work done and I spent a couple hours turning one of my favorite acrylic paintings into a vector.  It was originally  painted in layers of blocked colours which really translates well into vectors.  The image I’ve posted up is what I got done today and if the little man allows it, I hope to finish off tomorrow.



Illustration Friday ‘Suspend’

Acrylic painting, illustration friday, Life, On my Desk, Portfolio, Vector Drawing, Work in Progress

Here is the vector drawing version of a painting I did for my sons room.  It is a simplified flat colour and no texture image that I think would look good as a tee shirt.   I’m still playing around with the bunny and fox characters, I think they are a fun little duo whom I imagine will continue going on adventures together.

Textured Vector Drawing

Acrylic painting, Experimental, Portfolio, The Child, Vector Drawing

I had this drawing part way finished for over a year now and I just never got around to finishing it.  I fixed up the face on the boy since I thought it was a little weird, and added texture to try and give it a little more life.  It has a wood block print quality that I quite like.

I’m going to finish off some more of the images I’ve started in the coming weeks, I have a lot of them.  : p

What I did over the Holidays (part two)

Acrylic painting, Experimental, On my Desk

A good friend of mine recently had a beautiful baby boy, and as part of the shower gift for her I made a little painting for the nursery.  My friend really loves frogs so I wanted to create something that both Mom and Baby would enjoy.

In this photo the paint is still wet but it is a mixed media piece on wood panel with acrylic paint and paper inclusions.

What I did over the holidays (part one)

Acrylic painting, Experimental, In my Brain then on to Paper, Ink on Paper, On my Desk, Work in Progress

Things have been a little hectic around our house so I haven’t done an update in a while.

I’ve been painting, drawing and I learned how to knit and over the next couple days I’ll have photos and info on all of them.

This first image is a mixed media painting, I’ve been playing around with paint, printed paper and drawings on tracing paper and combining them to create an image.  The second little painting was going to be for my christmas cards but once again my ideas were bigger than the time I had, so I ended up buying cards to send. I’ll try again next year.

I underestimated the work and life got in the way

Acrylic painting, Experimental, illustration friday, On my Desk, Work in Progress

So last Friday I had an idea for a painting, I thought it would be fun and interesting and that I would have it done in a day or two.  I was wrong, and I had forgotten one important thing, life happens.  We had family to visit over the weekend, groceries to do and I had to work at the coffee shop Monday -Wednesday.  Then I finally had Thursday off but I had a two hour dentist appointment to prepare for the crown I’m getting next week because of the root canal I had last week.  So an entire week went by and I had not touched the painting I had been so excited for last Friday.

Finally it is friday again and I have some time to work on the painting, it was originally for illustration friday, but the deadline for that is now past so it will be added to my portfolio in the sparse acrylic section.  Here is some more of the progress I’m loving the way it’s turning out, I hope you do too.

A work in progress

Acrylic painting, Experimental, illustration friday, On my Desk, Work in Progress

I’m trying out something new for this weeks illustration friday topic, it’s a collage made from painted then cutout paper, some handmade and printed paper.  The topic is ‘Ahead’ and the idea behind my illustration is how parents work and struggle to make sure their children get ahead in life.

I’ll update again when I finally get this one finished.