Halloween costume

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Here is the sketch I did after I got the gray hoodie that is the base for the costume.  The little man liked the wolf and the owl drawings, I went through my fabric and found a lot of brown so that was the deciding factor.

owl sew


owl1owlfeathersowlhoodThe little man is letting me do a fitting for the owl face and wing cape before I stitch them down.  Most of it was hand stitched which was a lot more work than I though, I spent all day yesterday trying to get it done.

Well I love it, lets hope he does too!  Happy Halloween.



I love the versatility of photoshop

Fashion Illustration

Spiral hat

Rebuilding my portfolio is turning out to be a very rewarding experience.  I’m free to create and explore new media and push myself creatively.

This was originally a loose ink drawing, I brought it into photoshop  and created the degraded rust effect.  I tried a few other versions of this same drawing but so far I like the feel of this one the most.

As a side note I’m also designing some cute buttons, you can check them out at this new site:


From the sketch book into Photoshop

Fashion Illustration


Edited ink drawing

Edited ink drawing



I’ve been playing around with some drawings out of my sketch book and editing them in Photoshop.  

I had a really fun photo-shoot a few months ago with my friend Jorge, and out of those photos I drew this quick little image.  I did some colouring in photoshop and added a little more depth to it.  There is a lot I still need to learn in photoshop, it’s a huge program and after a year of learning it on my own I’m looking forward to taking a course on it next semester.