Illustration Friday ‘Moustache’

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The little man inspired this weeks illustration friday topic.  He liked Mr. Potatohead’s moustache so much I made one out of paper for him to wear.


Halloween Spirit

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Halloween 2013

Last Halloween the little man was a Lion, he couldn’t talk yet but he had a pretty good roar!

We are still deciding on this years costume and there are only two weeks left.

Yesterday for Illustration Friday

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I’ve been thinking about how quickly my little guy is growing and learning.  It amazes me how he learns new things everyday and is getting taller and taller.  I still call him my baby but he’s much more of a toddler now, walking, talking and getting into mischief.  It feels like just yesterday he was a tiny baby swaddled in my arms, now he’s an active toddler and who knows how he’ll change tomorrow.


Toddler in a Box eating an Apple

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My little guy really loves boxes!  He likes it best when we push him around in one like its a car, but just relaxing with a snack is pretty good too.

Illustration Friday ‘Hitched’

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It is once again wedding season and when I read the theme for illustration friday this week my first thought was of getting married.

These two little critters are off on their way to start their life adventure together!

Life Changes

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It’s been way too long since my last post and every time I try to write something new I end up not finishing my post.  This time I will write something even if it is just an update on what I’ve been up to over the past year.

My priorities have changed or shifted, as I got into my thirties I realized that having a family was something that was very important to me.  I saw mothers and babies everywhere I went, and having a child became my focus.  I’ve always had a fascination with children’s books but as an outsider appreciating a world I was not yet a part of.

Much to my husband’s and  my delight shortly after we were married in the summer of 2010 we became pregnant.  It was so exciting dreaming about how our lives would change, and experiencing the amazing changes my body went through in the first few months of pregnancy.

That winter I was approached to take over teaching the Children’s Book Illustration class at George Brown College, the timing was perfect, morning (all day) sickness was over and I was not due until the end of June.  Having the opportunity to teach a class about a subject I cared so much about was amazing.  Even though I was extremely nervous about teaching a class to people I would consider my peers, I was also excited about the opportunity to inspire other people with amazing illustrations and books.  By the end of that semester I was starting to get quite big, and the aches and pains that go along with the beginning of my  third trimester had made me quite glad it was done.

I continued my coffee shop job up until three weeks before I was due, but by that point all I wanted to do was sit on the couch with my feet up all day.

On the 24th of June our lives changed completely, and our beautiful son Aaron came into the world.  Suddenly the only thing that mattered was meeting the needs of this tiny little boy.  The first few weeks were very bumpy but we all made it through and were able to muddle our way around the proceeding months.  My beautiful boy is now seven months old and I can hardly believe  how he has thrived in that time.  As I write this all down I can’t believe how cliché it all sounds, but all those things people say about parenthood are true.  Its exhausting and wonderful, and you try to cherish every second of it because they really do grow up so fast.

Finally we have gotten to a point where sitting and writing for an hour is possible again, as my boy naps in the next room I can reflect on the profound effect he has had on my life.  My hope is that I can now pass on some of his beautiful inspiration through my art and to others.  If I can spend enough time during the day working on my illustrations I may not have to go back to my coffee shop job.

I will post some photos of my main source of inspiration as well as do reviews on some of the books that have become our favorites. I will also continue to update the work I have done in the past year, although there in not too much of it.  I’m going to start off with devoting an hour a day to work on this, it seems like an easily attainable goal, then move up from there.

Sketchbook Project

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A couple months ago I signed up for a really neat project with arthouse.  It’s a really fun idea and I love that it will be available for anyone to look through. The Sketchbook Project would take my sketchbook and hundreds of others on tour across the US as an art show, then have them entered in the permanent collection at the Brooklyn Art Library.

Illustration Friday ‘Linked’

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Here is a cute little concept drawing for the illustration friday topic ‘linked’.  Earth Day was the inspiration for this drawing, I love the bright saturated colours and in this happy little planet everything is connected.

Playing while Working

Sketchbook, Work in Progress

I was playing with some doodles that I cut out and arranged with some paper, it was gratifying to see the combinations instantly come together.  I took tons of photos of the little arrangements so they where cropped perfectly into little compositions.

Also, I’ve finally signed up on some of my favorite illustration sites and I’m trying to post up more of my finished artwork.  I’ve fixed up the site a bit as well, along the right of the page are thumbnails of some of the finished pieces that will be going into my children’s illustration portfolio.




Happy Food!


happy food

Here is a tasty snack from my sketch book, these little treats want you to gobble them up.