Illustration Friday ‘creature’

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monster 1

I have quite a few creature images that I have done over the years.  These are a few of my favourites, they are ink drawings painted with water colours.

imaginary friend

koi girl


bedtime buddy

I’m also making the little man’s halloween costume today, so when I finish I’ll post up some photo’s of it.  : )


October Art Display

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I’ve finally gotten around to framing some of my paintings, and they will be on display for the month of October.  They will be hanging in the Starbucks at Dundas and Roncesvalles in Toronto.

Here is one of the paintings, I’m quite happy with these fun and charming images.

So if you are in the area check it out.

I’m working again!

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I finished two drawings today, the top one I’m submitting to illustration friday, and the bottom one is a promotional piece that I’ve been working on for a while but have not been happy with.  I scanned both images and edited them in photoshop, the image of the owl needed the most work.  I was a little heavy handed with black ink at one point and I needed to lighten it up a bit.

I will have to finished drawings up shortly in all their edited glory.

Illustration Friday ‘Linked’

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Here is a cute little concept drawing for the illustration friday topic ‘linked’.  Earth Day was the inspiration for this drawing, I love the bright saturated colours and in this happy little planet everything is connected.

Discoveries in Digital

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I’ve been working quite a lot in ink lately and I’m loving the feel of the rough brushstrokes and fine detail it creates.  The problem I’ve been having with it though is with colouring it afterwards, I don’t like the look of the paint that is brought in afterwards.  It’s a painstaking process that often leaves me frustrated.  So I’ve instead been trying some different colouring techniques in photoshop and I’ve been quite happy with the results.  The colours are vibrant and with all of the texture of the original drawing.

Illustration is a business not a hobby, so lets get down to it.

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I ordered some books online last Friday and I was happy to find yesterday that they had arrived.  I’ve decided that school no longer works for me, I’ve spent my 4+ years and way too much money on a questionable education.  Becoming a freelance illustrator is complicated and personal and each illustrator that I’ve spoken to or read about has a different path that they have taken.  So right now doing the research on my own and having books and the internet as a reference seems like the right way to go.

I’ve been having a lot of feedback on my work recently and although some of it was constructive, all of it has helped me in a positive way.  I’m feeling more encouraged and confident with my abilities, for the fist time in a long while I really feel like I can be successful as an illustrator.

The books I just got are, Writing with Pictures by Uri Shulvitz, The Graphic Artists Guild Handbook:  Pricing & Ethical Guidlines, and Breaking into Freelance Illustration the guide for artists, designers and illustrators by Holly DeWolf.

The last one I’ve found the most inspiring it is a practical guide to the business side of being a freelance illustrator.  It talks about the realities of working from home, promoting your work online, managing your time effectively and so much more.  This is what I was looking for, someone who has been in the industry and knows what it is like, and is willing to share that information.

Oh and I’ve been working my butt off finishing off the last few pieces for my portfolio, creating postcards and samples to mail out to publishers and building my portfolio site.  I’m a little busy, and I’d love to be able to leave my job at the coffee shop but unless I get ‘discovered’ tomorrow I’m just going to keep on balancing it all.

Illustration Friday

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This is my submission to this weeks Illustration Friday topic ‘clumsy’, I’m very familiar with this as most of the time I’m an accident waiting to happen.

Christmas card options

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I’m working on the christmas cards that I need to send out this week, I’m not sure if I like the layout so far and they are a little too small I think.  They are cute though, so if I can find some larger envelopes I’ll make bigger ones otherwise they are staying little and cute.  I’m also torn between keeping it simple with the basic brown card or putting some coloured paper in the background.

Sleepy Monster

watercolour, Work in Progress

Here is another image from my mini-monster-book, which will be used as a self promotional piece.  I worked with a complimentary colour scheme that was a little muted down.  I really enjoy painting in compliments or split compliments for my light and shadows, it gives the image far more life than if I were working in tonal values alone.

So without further ado, ‘Some Monsters are Slow and Sleepy’

Monster Sleepy