I underestimated the work and life got in the way

Acrylic painting, Experimental, illustration friday, On my Desk, Work in Progress

So last Friday I had an idea for a painting, I thought it would be fun and interesting and that I would have it done in a day or two.  I was wrong, and I had forgotten one important thing, life happens.  We had family to visit over the weekend, groceries to do and I had to work at the coffee shop Monday -Wednesday.  Then I finally had Thursday off but I had a two hour dentist appointment to prepare for the crown I’m getting next week because of the root canal I had last week.  So an entire week went by and I had not touched the painting I had been so excited for last Friday.

Finally it is friday again and I have some time to work on the painting, it was originally for illustration friday, but the deadline for that is now past so it will be added to my portfolio in the sparse acrylic section.  Here is some more of the progress I’m loving the way it’s turning out, I hope you do too.