Illustration Friday ‘entangled’

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The Baby, Books and Drawing (in that order)

Acrylic painting, Life, The Child, Vector Drawing, Work in Progress

The little man takes up most of my time, he is so much fun and I want to experience the discoveries he has each day.

When I’m taking a break from being a Mom I like to curl up with a good book.  Since my husband got me an e-reader it has been way to easy to get a new book every time I finish one so I’ve been reading whole series back-to-back-to-back…  The Game of Thrones is a very engrossing read by the way.

So with all of this discovery and reading I’ve spent very little time on my illustrations and all week I’ve been having the itch to make something.  Today I finally decided I would get a little work done and I spent a couple hours turning one of my favorite acrylic paintings into a vector.  It was originally  painted in layers of blocked colours which really translates well into vectors.  The image I’ve posted up is what I got done today and if the little man allows it, I hope to finish off tomorrow.


Illustration Friday ‘Bounce’

illustration friday, On my Desk, The Child, Vector Drawing, Work in Progress

I’ve been singing a lot of songs with my thirteen months old son.  The word for Illustration Friday reminded me of this one.  I can never remember the right words though, so this is my own improv to get my little guy bouncing.

Farm Animals and Birthdays

Life, The Child, Vector Drawing

For my sons first birthday (Yay!  Happy Birthday Aaron!) we had the party at his cousins farm house, and so the decorations I made had a cute farm animal theme.

It was a good exercise in drawing some cute characters in illustrator as well.  There are a couple that I really like and I think I will continue to develop them.

It was a fun day and even the cupcakes I made turned out to look okay.  Not quite what I wanted but it could have been worse.


Children’s Illustration

In my Brain then on to Paper

My baby niece has been a wonderful source of inspiration for me.  Although she is now only seven months old now, I’ve already imagined all of the adventures she will have over the next ten years or so.

This is one of the other paintings I painted for her bedroom, and I can only hope that it will in turn inspire her to follow her dreams and go as far as she can in life.

I also have some photos I took several years ago, it’s an emotional piece for me about the power of mood and perception.

Searching the Sea

Alice’s Adventures

In my Brain then on to Paper

alice's adventures in wonderland

The cover project is now completed!

I’ve spent a lot of time on painting this cover, it was done with acrylics on illustration board.  I researched many different cover’s that have been done over the years for this book, and I wanted to create something new and eye catching while it still being clearly recognizable as Alice in Wonderland.  

I’ve also put up some of my older work.  The image in the link, now that I look back at it, reminds me of the white rabbit all he needs is a little pocket watch.