Illustration Friday ‘Suspend’

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Here is the vector drawing version of a painting I did for my sons room.  It is a simplified flat colour and no texture image that I think would look good as a tee shirt.   I’m still playing around with the bunny and fox characters, I think they are a fun little duo whom I imagine will continue going on adventures together.


Brush and Ink on Paper

Experimental, Ink on Paper

I’m finishing a drawing a day now, and it makes all the work I’ve been putting into my illustration seem worth it.

Practicing with a different animal each day has been a fun way to incorporate animals into my portfolio.  Today I drew a fox, this sleepy little guy was drawn from a reference photo I found online.  I drew him in my sketch book then photocopied it onto some thicker paper so I could put on the ink on without it warping.  I then scanned it into photoshop and added the colour.  The finished copy of this image will stay as a black and white drawing, but I like to have a little fun with my pictures sometimes too.