Life Changes, and Changes again…

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Amanda Raquel Worr 2015

Amanda Raquel Worr 2015

Time marches on and I’ve been savoring every moment of it recently.  Haveing  two young children is amazing, exhausting and I love it.  I don’t have much time to myself nor do I have much time to work, as it is I’m having to stop writing this every few minutes to look at what my three year old has made, or help my six month old reach a toy, or once again put together a healthy snack because they are hungry again.

The cliches are however true, and this time goes by so fast.  The last six months since my youngest son was born has gone by faster than I would like and already he is sitting up and trying to crawl.  It’s an amazing time because he is learning so much so fast, and I find it fasinating when he discovers something new.

My three year old is hilarious and makes me laugh all day long, next fall he will be starting kindergarden and I will miss his silly company.  I will at that point have a little more time to work during the days, but I will have to decide whether or not to put his little brother into daycare.  I’ve been staying home during the week for the past three years, and working part-time evenings and weekends.  It had been grueling working late nights and having to wake up early with a hungry toddler, but we made it work.

I would like to change things after this current mat leave.  If I can spend my evenings and weekends making and illustrating instead of working elsewhere I feel like we would have a better quality of life.  It will be more work in the begining but I’ve made a resolution of sorts, to be the change I want to see in my life.

We will be moving this year, although we haven’t decided where we are going yet.  I am determined to bring into fruition my vision of our future.  It’s exciting and daunting since we are in the planning and organizing phase.  I find myself drawing up brainstorm idea pages for five year plans and life goals and going over them with my husband to see which ones jive with him.

Amanda Raquel Worr 2015

Amanda Raquel Worr 2015

So I guess time will tell where this goes and where we will end up.  All I can do is live my life the best way I know how.


A brave swimmer makes a friend

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Illustration Friday theme ‘swim’.

The Baby, Books and Drawing (in that order)

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The little man takes up most of my time, he is so much fun and I want to experience the discoveries he has each day.

When I’m taking a break from being a Mom I like to curl up with a good book.  Since my husband got me an e-reader it has been way to easy to get a new book every time I finish one so I’ve been reading whole series back-to-back-to-back…  The Game of Thrones is a very engrossing read by the way.

So with all of this discovery and reading I’ve spent very little time on my illustrations and all week I’ve been having the itch to make something.  Today I finally decided I would get a little work done and I spent a couple hours turning one of my favorite acrylic paintings into a vector.  It was originally  painted in layers of blocked colours which really translates well into vectors.  The image I’ve posted up is what I got done today and if the little man allows it, I hope to finish off tomorrow.


Discoveries in Digital

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I’ve been working quite a lot in ink lately and I’m loving the feel of the rough brushstrokes and fine detail it creates.  The problem I’ve been having with it though is with colouring it afterwards, I don’t like the look of the paint that is brought in afterwards.  It’s a painstaking process that often leaves me frustrated.  So I’ve instead been trying some different colouring techniques in photoshop and I’ve been quite happy with the results.  The colours are vibrant and with all of the texture of the original drawing.

Ink Drawing!

illustration friday, Ink on Paper, On my Desk, Work in Progress

I will be spending the week finishing off the rest of my black and white drawings.  I’m hoping to get all of my mail outs finished so I can get them printed the following week.

Here is some of the progress I’m having with the ink drawings, it’s great to be able to have a piece finished in one afternoon.

Illustration Friday

illustration friday, watercolour

This is my submission to this weeks Illustration Friday topic ‘clumsy’, I’m very familiar with this as most of the time I’m an accident waiting to happen.

An experiment in 3D.

Experimental, Work in Progress

I’ve been enthralled by some pretty amazing animation and the cute and creepy quality of dolls.  All the the work I’ve been doing lately has revolved around little girls and dolls.  When I was younger some of my favorite toys were my dolls and my legos, I used to love building little houses and sets for them to live in.  What I always wanted was a little doll that looked just like me, and I guess this is pretty common for most girls.  It wasn’t very common to find dolls with wavy black hair and a lighter brown skin tone, so despite my many dozens of dolls there was no Amanda doll.

Now it is twenty five years later and I still want a little me, so yesterday I decided to get my self out of the drawing rut that I’ve been in for the past few weeks and make a little sculpture.  I found some black fimo that I had from an old jewelry project and set out to recreate the little girls I draw in three dimensions.

Imaginary deadlines = Real anxiety

Work in Progress

This is what I had done on the weekend.

Generally I like setting goals for myself, it gives me a sense of accomplishment when I’m working on my own.  I’ve made up quite a few timelines for myself and although I do eventually complete the tasks I’ve set out, they are not often done as quickly as I would like.

Am I being unrealistic?  or am I just really good at procrastinating?  I feel like I need to set out these guidelines for myself, but the act of not completing them on time is giving me a great deal of anxiety.

Video games are my addiction right now and I need to get over it.  I’m going to exercise a little more self restraint, and see if that helps.

Good bye real-time strategy  games, you have eaten up too much of my time already.

love Amanda

I spent a week working on these off and on, so of course they are incomplete.

Water colour

In my Brain then on to Paper

As I was unpacking I found several paintings I did last year that I had not shared on my site.  I was very busy last fall and I have many, many paintings to show for it.  This is one of them, its a water colour painting I did as a test page for a book idea I had.  After completing the piece I realized it was far too tedious and mature for what I wanted.  girl in hat

This is a detail of the face, I tried to keep things relatively simple but the medium doesn’t lend itself to simplicity when I work with it.

Children’s Illustration

In my Brain then on to Paper

My baby niece has been a wonderful source of inspiration for me.  Although she is now only seven months old now, I’ve already imagined all of the adventures she will have over the next ten years or so.

This is one of the other paintings I painted for her bedroom, and I can only hope that it will in turn inspire her to follow her dreams and go as far as she can in life.

I also have some photos I took several years ago, it’s an emotional piece for me about the power of mood and perception.

Searching the Sea