The Baby, Books and Drawing (in that order)

Acrylic painting, Life, The Child, Vector Drawing, Work in Progress

The little man takes up most of my time, he is so much fun and I want to experience the discoveries he has each day.

When I’m taking a break from being a Mom I like to curl up with a good book.  Since my husband got me an e-reader it has been way to easy to get a new book every time I finish one so I’ve been reading whole series back-to-back-to-back…  The Game of Thrones is a very engrossing read by the way.

So with all of this discovery and reading I’ve spent very little time on my illustrations and all week I’ve been having the itch to make something.  Today I finally decided I would get a little work done and I spent a couple hours turning one of my favorite acrylic paintings into a vector.  It was originally  painted in layers of blocked colours which really translates well into vectors.  The image I’ve posted up is what I got done today and if the little man allows it, I hope to finish off tomorrow.



Illustration Friday ‘jump’

illustration friday, In my Brain then on to Paper, Portfolio, Vector Drawing

It has been a long time since I’ve made a submission for illustration friday, it feels good to get back into it.

Illustration Friday ‘Linked’

illustration friday, Ink on Paper, Sketchbook, watercolour, Work in Progress

Here is a cute little concept drawing for the illustration friday topic ‘linked’.  Earth Day was the inspiration for this drawing, I love the bright saturated colours and in this happy little planet everything is connected.

Landscape illustration

In my Brain then on to Paper

I drew this a while ago and then did the colours in photoshop, it’s an interpretive piece and illustrates one of my favorite gorillaz songs.  

Gorillaz paint a beautiful song in my head.

Gorillaz paint a beautiful song in my head.