Illustration Friday ‘creature’

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monster 1

I have quite a few creature images that I have done over the years.  These are a few of my favourites, they are ink drawings painted with water colours.

imaginary friend

koi girl


bedtime buddy

I’m also making the little man’s halloween costume today, so when I finish I’ll post up some photo’s of it.  : )


Painting on a cold rainy day

In my Brain then on to Paper, Work in Progress

watercolour progress

Well it’s cold and wet outside so I’m staying inside and painting all day.  I have a set of five small watercolours that I am working on, I like having a few paintings to work on at a time so that while one is drying I can work on one of the others.  I also don’t loose interest or inspiration in painting because there are different ideas for each one.

Monster Attack

In my Brain then on to Paper

Silo stomper complete

Here is the first completed illustration in my new studio space.  It’s just another portfolio/promo piece, but it was a lot of fun to make.  This is a low rez photo of it, so if it looks a little grainy, well thats cause it is.

I’m going back to my minimum 7 hours a week of drawing or painting.  I need to get back into a regular working schedule with my art.

Tomorrow I’ll be drawing again so hopefully I’ll have some more work posted before too long.

Sleepy Monster

watercolour, Work in Progress

Here is another image from my mini-monster-book, which will be used as a self promotional piece.  I worked with a complimentary colour scheme that was a little muted down.  I really enjoy painting in compliments or split compliments for my light and shadows, it gives the image far more life than if I were working in tonal values alone.

So without further ado, ‘Some Monsters are Slow and Sleepy’

Monster Sleepy

Mini Book

In my Brain then on to Paper

Big, Scary Monster

I’ve created a mini-book as a promotional piece for myself and as the final project for my class.  I went with a simple monster theme since I love drawing monsters and other weird creatures.  Each monster has a child reacting to it, the kids are cute and fun and I’m hoping children will like the paintings as much as I do.  

This one is ‘Some Monsters are big and scary.’