Textured Vector Drawing

Acrylic painting, Experimental, Portfolio, The Child, Vector Drawing

I had this drawing part way finished for over a year now and I just never got around to finishing it.  I fixed up the face on the boy since I thought it was a little weird, and added texture to try and give it a little more life.  It has a wood block print quality that I quite like.

I’m going to finish off some more of the images I’ve started in the coming weeks, I have a lot of them.  : p


Gathering Resources

On my Desk, Resources

I’ve been working on my promotional strategy, and looking up the resources I will need so that I can successfully promote myself to publishers.  The book I got a while ago ‘Breaking into Freelance Illustration the guide for artists, designers and illustrators‘ has been very helpful.  As well as http://escapefromillustrationisland.com/, there are great resources for illustrators who are just starting out, but it also invites you to interact with the rest of the community.   The ability to ask people in my position what they did and how they got to where they are has been invaluable to me.

One book that they recommend for building your mailing list is 2010 Children’s Writer and Illustrators Market, there are publishers lists as well as details about the submissions guidelines and agent contacts as well.  I was wondering how people got the contact information for publishers and art directors specifically until I found the book.

Number One

In my Brain then on to Paper

zinc plate 1

I don’t normally express myself in writing but I do need to communicate my thoughts and ideas.  Imagery can be a powerful thing but is often subject to the viewers interpretation.  I’m going to be posting my drawings, paintings and illustration as well as my thoughts on them.  

This will be the tool I use to communicate my process and progress, and hopefully a little self promotion as well.  

I’m moving from my beginnings  as an art student to my temporary career as a coffee shop manager, and now to becoming an illustrator.  It’s been a long time coming and I definitely have a long way to go still but I’m really looking forward to this new chapter in my life.