Work and Motherhood

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Life is always more fun when you take the time to enjoy it. My priority has been on raising my son and preparing for the new baby to come this summer. Although I am still drawing, it’s not everyday and most of it is sketches of my little man.

I’ve had to make some sacrifices to have a family and I’d like to think my career is just progressing very slowly rather than not at all. There are women who can do it all, but I choose to stay home with my son, rather than put him in daycare. That means even though I am home most of the time, I have little to no time for building an illustration career.

I will eventually, but I’m loving spending this time with him, watching him grow and learn and change.

Posts are infrequent but I will continue to put my sketches up, and update on all of my inspirations.


From the sketch book into Photoshop

Fashion Illustration


Edited ink drawing

Edited ink drawing



I’ve been playing around with some drawings out of my sketch book and editing them in Photoshop.  

I had a really fun photo-shoot a few months ago with my friend Jorge, and out of those photos I drew this quick little image.  I did some colouring in photoshop and added a little more depth to it.  There is a lot I still need to learn in photoshop, it’s a huge program and after a year of learning it on my own I’m looking forward to taking a course on it next semester.