Business Cards and promo block

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I’ve been spending quite a bit of time working on some new business cards and post cards to mail out this fall.  The biggest slow down was my laptop, after five years the battery started acting up.  I now have my new desktop and things are working a lot better, I really like having a work space in the living room where I can sit with the little man while I work.

I have a couple layouts for my cards that I like but I guess I’m having a hard time deciding on one.


I took what I liked from these thumbnails to create my business cards.


This was the front and back I originally liked and started working on, the energy in this first version was lost however when I did some further work on it.


I like the image, but not for my card.  I guess I’m looking for an image that better defines me as an illustrator.  But really until I get something mailed out it doesn’t matter how well defined my designs are, because the point is to get my name and info to the publishers.  So I really just need to make a decision get them printed and send it out.  period.



Making Stuff!

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I sometimes get the urge to get crafty, especially after visiting a couple of my favorite sites pintrest and etsy.


I found so many adorable photos of paper mache little boats so I decided to try to make some too.  I started making one little boat then kinda liked the design so I made a bunch more.  I’m going to make some little sails and oars for them next sooo cute!

fourboats threeboats


Then a small monkey wanted to give it a try.  : )


Model Train Museum

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Two weekends ago my husband and I took Aaron to the model train museum here in Toronto.  I expected that the trip would only appeal to the boys but I found these mini towns fascinating.  The detail and amount of work that went into building the scenes I can really appreciate.  It was the last weekend it would be open before they took it all down to rebuild in another location.  The process for re-building is very long and they will not be re-opening for four years.





This miniature set is huge!  It spans the entire basement level of an old factory building.  It has also been around since 1946, so we were so glad we were able to see it before it was taken down.  Have a look at their website it also has a video.

Illustration Friday

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This is my submission to this weeks Illustration Friday topic ‘clumsy’, I’m very familiar with this as most of the time I’m an accident waiting to happen.